Re: Foot Strengthening Exercises

Posted by beej on 12/02/98
The first exercise is to stand on one foot (holding onto something like a chairback) and raise yourself onto your toes 30 times each foot. (Work up to this if you have to)
The next exercise is to sit in a chair, extend your leg and foot then point your toes. Try to curl your toes at the same time and bend your ankle so your toes point inward. If (when) the cramp starts, just back off a little and when the cramp goes away try to get back to where you were before it started cramping. Hold this pose for 30 seconds either each foot or both feet at the same time.
Then do the calf stretching for at least 30 second each calf.
Supposed to do these as many times a day as you want/can.
A friend at work says he also does the first exercise on both feet at the same time and then points his toes in and does them and then points his toes out and does them. Hope this helps you. Best, Barbara 15:45:22

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