Re: Evening pain

Posted by eileen on 12/03/98
Hi, I am sorry to hear about the severe pain you are experiencing. after more than three years of trying almost everything, I am mostly pain free. My only suggestion at this time is not to use the exersice bike and completely rest your feet for months. No exersice except twice daily stectching your calves. The exersice bike killed me, of course so didnt everything else I tried. But with you new job sitting, that will help the most, just short trips to the ladies room will keep you stretched out. I swear by the change in my lifestyle did more good than surgery. I do believe in orthotics, icing , and stretching, and birks. Glucosomine I tried for 6 months and did not do anything for me, everyone is different. Birks are great. TAKE IT SLOW and have patience. good luck.---------eileen 09:47:25

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