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Posted by Bill on 12/05/98
I went with my young daughter yesterday to her doctor’s appointment. I am wearing an Aircast and her doctor asked me what I had done. When I explained about my PF and that one of the bands had ruptured he got a little overly excited. He said that he has stopped giving shots for PF. He has experienced that 1 in every 100 people's Achilles heel will rupture and he feels that was to high of a risk.

I explained to him that I had suffered on and off for years with PF. The pain always went away if I rested my feet. About a year ago the pain stopped going away. I was a attending a company conference at the Opryland Hotel (100 acres under glass) and had to walk everywhere. I suffered the entire week. I continued to put up with the pain until June. I had the classic morning symptoms and the pain after sitting. I went to my GP and he injected it and sent me to a podiatrist. The podiatrist put me in inserts ( a german made insert that cost $65 – there great, thin and fits in almost any shoe), had me buy birks. The pain stayed away for about 3 months. He also told me that I need to lose weight. I am a big boned guy and weight about 100 pounds over the ideal ( as my wife says I only look about 40 pounds over weight). I lost 53 pounds by the end of September and walked 30 minutes a day. One day while walking I felt a pop in my heel. Down I went and with terrible pain in my heel. I couldn’t walk with out a cane. I called my doctor and he referred me back to the podiatrist who wanted to inject me again. I told him that the pain of the shots was so bad that I wouldn’t do the shots again. My wife suggested to him that he put me in a cast. He hesitated at first because my HMO won’t cover the cost. His office manger was walking by and said they could send me to a place called Novacare and the HMO would cover it. They specialize in casting body parts.

To make a long story even longer, I have been in a Aircast for a week and half, taking Daypro, Vitamin C, stretching and icing. The pain has gone from 150% to about 10%. My daughters doctor said that he has experienced that the ruptures occur several months after the shots.

What I have learned from all this: 1) every few doctors have a clue about PF 2) different things work for different folks 3) they have no clue if weight has anything to do with it 4)becareful of the shots 08:57:40

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