Re: Terrible pain!!

Posted by Becky on 12/05/98
HOney hang in there. I am thinking the same thing. I hurt 24/7 now and am unable to get good sleep. I have suffered for four years and am waiting for the Ossatron treatment in January. Am tired of hurting, morning, noon and night. The only thing that really helps a little is ice then staying off your feet completely. I would do that on weekends but my depression got so bad that I just have to go out, even if it is to a movie just to go and sit or dinner or a party just to go and sit. We'll all make it somehow. I have tried all the drugs and the new one I am on hasn't kicked in or either doesn't work. I am just a big baby but I tell you what I am thankful for all I do have! I have a lot! I never get sick, no allergies and have some really close friends that love me no matter what. I just got a new position at work so I won't have to walk at all. God is good. 21:22:28

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