Re: Terrible pain!!

Posted by Elise on 12/07/98
I completely sympathize with you. I have had PF in both feet for 3 months now, and for a while it was so acute I was in a wheel chair. At this point, the pain is still very much there, but not nearly as acute. Things that have helped me get to this point are night splints, icing, stretching and custom made soft orthotics, and we put rugs down covering the hard floors in the kitchen. I am seeing a new doctor (director of a rehab hospital) who believes stretching and exercising is key, as well as proper pain medication. He changed my exercises and changed my medication to 100mg of Clinorl and 65mg of Tylenol four times/day. I'm praying his regimen will get me to the next step. Will keep you posted. 20:00:18

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