Re: Cortisone and aftercare

Posted by Robin on 12/08/98
Don't know about feet, but I had a cortisone injection in my wrist years ago. This was after being splinted for 8 months and after many meds. The Dr. told me to rest the wrist until the cortisone really kicked in (about 2 days) and then to go about normal activities but pay attention not to strain it and to be very gentle with it. I even continued with a soft splint at night. The injection lasted about 5-6 months and I ended up having surgery on the wrist anyway (which was 100% effective), but the point was not to re-damage anything that might be trying to repair itself.

Personally, I'd do 2 things. 1) Call your Dr. and ask specifically what to do, what not to do. 2) Not run, exercise or stretch vigorously until you gather enough aftercare information to evaluate. You should get some from this site, also check Scott's PF document. Probably you shouldn't leap up and right away repeat any activities that contributed to the damage in the first place. Good luck--hope the shot really takes hold you. 06:41:24

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