Anyone heard of Heel "Pain" Syndrome??

Posted by rae on 12/08/98
I've been a runner for 17 years. Out of the blue this past August I experienced a very painful bottom of my left heel after a run. I went out running a few more times that week thinking it was nothing and that it would pass, however, about an hour or two after those runs, I was in great pain! I went to see a doctor and he took an x-ray ... told me I did not have a spur but just 'heel pain' syndrome. I wore a night plastic-type cast for 60 days and did not run. I also did stretching exercises. After almost 90 days I went out for a mile run .... the pain was just as great as day one! The doctor did give me heel pads but I found I was in more pain wearing them then without them. Is there a difference between heel pain and heel spur syndrome? I'll be going back to the doctors ... boy, do I miss running! 18:18:34

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