Re: Heal Spurs?

Posted by Robin on 12/09/98
Mike is right. The plantar fascia is tissue that runs from your heel down toward your toes. It's the inflamation and possible damage to the fascia that causes the heel pain. Barefoot doesn't help. Pronation doesn't help. Wear and tear doesn't help. A heel spur (an outward growth of the heel bone towards the fascia) is your heel bone trying to repair the damage and re-join itself with the fascia. The spur can be seen in an X-ray, but the spur is not the causative problem. Damage to the plantar fascia is the cause. This site has tremendous information and helpful suggestions. Also, suggest you read Scott's main heel spurs document and explore some of the links.

People and symptoms are different. Podiatrists are different. You had one like my first one -- quick diagnosis, not much to follow, but very ready to sell me $300 orthotics, made by his lab of course. I am searching for one who works with me on fixing this problem (even if it includes orthotics), not just alleviating symptoms. Good luck. 06:43:59

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