Re: Orthotics

Posted by John on 12/11/98
Bill, since I have just gone thru the breakin process on some custom orthotics, I completely understand your concern. I have a pair of custom orthotics that my POD prescribed. I was told to start out wearing them 2 hours per day and slowly work up. It took me over a month to get where I could wear them all day. They caused me pain in the center of my heal. I thought they were too hard. They were not nearly as confortable as my over the counter orthotics. Now, I think they are doing well. My pain level has greatly diminished now that I am wearing them all of the time. If you look around in this web site, you will find a lot of references to Birkenstock shoes. There are also a lot of people that say they take a fairly long breakin period. I think that you would do well to have patience. Give them some breakin time. I believe it will be worth it to you. Good luck. 07:43:22

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