Re: cortizone injections

Posted by laurie on 12/11/98
hi there..
about 3 sets of messages back there were some posts on aftercare for cortisone shots. i too thought the shot was a breeze, in fact could not even feel it. she said i have a high pain tolerance. i laughed.. as i was clenching my teeth due to my sore foot. i've had 2 shots. first one i felt so much better after but i didn't keep off my foot.. basically that shot didn't have lasting effects, though actually probably did cuz the pain moved to a different part of the heel. the second shot 2 months later.. i took 2 weeks off work, iced, elevated & crutches .. and it was doing much better. sort of goofed it all up again now due to being on my feet at work. :( my advice is to try as best as you can to elevate and ice your foot.. keep off of it.. to get the full benefits. i'm sooo glad it is a friday to now try to be off the feet for 2 days.. whew.

take care.. thanks for being around. helps to deal with the frustration level.

laurie 22:18:11

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