Re: Cortisone-how long did relief last?

Posted by John on 12/14/98
Kristin, I have had 2 shots. Both were painful but not too bad. Both caused more pain on the day after. After that, the first one decreased the pain for about a week. The second one lasted about 3 days. No more for me. They are a waste of time and with the added dangers, just not worth the risk for me. By the way, I am a runner. Since I cannot run, I have been doing weights and stairmaster. The stairmaster seems to be a good exercise for me. I can hang my heel off the back of the peddle. It does not seem to cause any problems. My gym also has a machine that has a motion very similiar to running. Your feet are in peddles and there is no impact. I have been using this machine and like it. It is as close to running as you can get. Good luck in your efforts to recover from PF. 07:50:05

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