Re: Insoles and then surgery

Posted by Robin on 12/16/98
I agree with Bea on the legal issue. If you are going to sue, get yourself a heavy duty lawyer and let him or her do all the talking about payments. It may take some time to research a decent lawyer. Like anything else, it's worth it to put in the time and effort necessary. ASK everyone -- friends, neighbors, coworkers, church members -- for recommendations.

Please think carefully about surgery, and maybe rethink. If you read the posts on this board, you will find many people who were not helped by surgery. You will also find lots of alternatives available less invasive and dramatic (and more reversible) than surgery. Maybe a stupid question -- but if you are having custom insoles or orthotics made that will finished around Jan. 1, don't you think it's premature for your doctor to schedule surgery so soon after the New Year? Anyway, good luck, but I do hope you think real carefully about surgery. 07:17:51

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