Re: A sure cure! Thanks for more info!

Posted by Robin on 12/18/98
Hi Kathy. I haven't tried custom orthotics yet -- I am avoiding the $300 outlay before I have to make it. Spenco makes a 3/4 length orthotic and a full length orthotic. The actual plastic orthotic part ends right below your arch, so the difference is whether you want a full length rubber insole or not.They're the same price. I bought the 3/4 ones. You can get them at medical supply stores and some shoe stores, about $23. Packaging says you can throw them in boiling water to reshape,but I haven't done that yet. I may though. They work for me, I believe, because I need a high arch and a low heel bed.

Used to ice my feet religiously. Not doing it much anymore unless they are really killing me. I recently bought this pair of Eastland sandals and they are the difference between night and day. I estimate about a 75% pain reduction, maybe more. So now I may spring for the Birks too. I need to find out more about stretching too and making sure that the stretches I do are effective. Don't want to make a bad situation worse. There's not enough evidence on this board that night splints are truly effective for me -- and a few people have reported worsening. Finally, I am considering acupuncture for the future. Lots of research is necessary before I take that step. Stay in touch. Good luck! 06:31:01

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