manipulation effective for heel spur syndrome

Posted by Nancy Yaros, D.P.M. on 12/19/98
Plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome is found secondary to all of the conditions you have read about, but what causes these conditions to contribute to this syndrome? I have discovered that the foot joints shift position and have severely limited motion in over 90% of heel spur patients. Practitioners that treat feet in general do not know how to evaluate the foot for these locked joints. I have developed a technique of biomechanically evaluating the foot for these jont restrictions. I have also developed a technique for manipulating the joints to increase motion, which is absolutely essential for this condition to improve and not reoccur. Any other form of treatment that is then performed will be more effective, if more treatment is necessary at all. Orthotics (arch supports) are more effective, since they are designed to control motion WITHIN the foot. When the foot joints are restricted, the orthotics control ankle motion, and they are not as effective. This treatment is conservative and non-invasive, and VERY EFFECTIVE! If you have tried other forms of treatment and you have not had relief of pain, it is because your joints are restricted and the treatment you have received has not addressed this problem.
I do not recommend cortisone injections. Cortisone weakens tissue, and the tissue-bone connection is already weak. Surgery cuts the plantar fascia connection to the bone, which weakens the structure of the foot. It also does not address the cause of the problem. It treats symptoms. There are also serious side effects, including scar tissue and nerve damage, and these problems can be worse and harder to treat than the original condition. Even endoscopic surgery can have these complications. If you are not getting relief from the therapy you are receiving, then the CAUSE of the condition has not been found.
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