PF vs Sciatica

Posted by Barb on 12/20/98
Jude, I wanted you to know that as a person who has had severe sciatica that the pain quality is different. True when I have had the nerve firing spontaineously PF isn't in the same league at all but for day to day searing pain down to the toe the PF is somewhat similar. Don't devalue your interpretation of pain based on his report or you might not do enough to help yourself heal properly. Yes, it is true that everyones experience of pain is different but that doesn't make your experience less valid in any way. Also you might want to consider that all the hobbling about that e do with PF could wind you up with some back problems to boot! Take good care of yourself and tell hubby to find a really good neurosurgeon who specializes in micro surgery. It gave me my life back cause I was in a fog with all the pain and waited a stupid year and a half before surgery cause I was scared.
Good luck to you both and take good care of yourself.
PS I am another Birk Arizona style believer. I can even shop a bit again. Happy Holidays Barb 00:59:55

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