Eastlands - Christmas

Posted by laurie on 12/23/98
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Thanks for making this whole process of PF easier to get through... Each and every one of you have helped me along in your own ways. Not only is it a physical struggle but it is an emotional one as well. Pretty difficult to be unable to walk around physically and emotionally. Funny how PF has a grip on me. Regardless .. wishing you all the best & healthier new year.

Btw, I went to my last dr. appointment wearing my eastlands.. the dr. asked about my tenners and i reported that my feet are much more comfortable and my ankles too.. in my eastlands.. she shrugged her shoulders and said "go for the comfort & what works for you"...

Darn those 350 dollar orthodics.. *L*

Smilin'.. and damnit.. i will not let this get to my good foot! Those who are just beginning to go through the PF ordeal, do yourself a favor and do not let the good foot take the brunt of the not so good one.

Ah.. always reflective when i post here.

Cheers to Health & Happiness.

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