Re: Overdoing

Posted by Dayna on 12/24/98
I'm with you, I don't think we can ever take our old lifestyles for granted again, we must always be aware that whatever caused it in the first place can cause it again. Our lives as they were are over, even if we never have a recurrence, we will never be the same. I pray that Debbie continues to stay well, that gives the rest of us hope that there is a cure, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to risk reinjuring by going back to my old way of using them. I can't imagine aerobics, how can I bounce around when I can't even walk on my tiptoes without horrible pain? Every case is different, and we have to watch out for #1, which is ourselves. I'd rather limit myself than worry constantly if I didn't, to me the psychological stress would be worse, but that's just me. 10:23:50

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