Re: Ideas anyone, I'm out of luck and still in pain

Posted by Elise on 12/24/98
When I first got PF in my right foot, I went to PT and ended up with acute PF in both feet (it was only in my right foot before my visit). I was very afraid to do any stretching after that. Then I went to a physical rehabilitation doctor at the beginning of this month, and he said that stretching is essential to recovery, but that it is important to use proper technique and not overdo it. HIs advise was to do the heel cord stretch described in Scott's document three times on each leg, alternating right-left-right-left-right-left. In the first R-L series the back heel is angled slightly out, then slightly in, and then straight ahead. He also said to be sure the back knee is completely locked. I thought mine was straight, but he told me it wasn't straight enough. He then has me doing the same series, except both knees are bent. He only wants me to do this in the morning and evening. I apply heat before the exercises (hot shower) and then ice afterward.

For the first time in four months, I am driving again and able to do simple errands. I am far from healed, but I am greatly improved from 2 months ago, when I needed crutches to walk.

So, I have changed my mind about stretching. I think it is definitely helping now that I am not overdoing it and using the proper technique. 15:47:07

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