Re: Stationary Bike?

Posted by Robin on 12/27/98
Hi Bobbie. I used to use a stationary bike but quit when I ripped a ligament in my knee. Also, I had a little heel pain after riding.

Now I am in PT for the knee and the therapist has assigned me stationary biking 5-7 minutes each morning and night. He told me to wear athletic shoes with the best arch support and sole stability I could find and by trial and error to position my foot in the pedals so I don't irritate the plantar fascia or unnecessarily flex my foot. I've been doing it for a week now and so far, so good. My feet are no worse, and my knee is actually better. The bike I use at the therapy center has fairly long pedals and that seems to help support my whole foot too. I'd much rather be outside walking, but I think a good quality stationary bike may be part of my future. 13:37:19

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