Re: Doent anyone have other symptoms ankle/leg/cramping/fasiculations/back?

Posted by CJ Mitchell on 12/27/98
Yes. I have alot of pain in the side of my foot, heel pain in both sides and bottom with pain going into ankle and up leg.
I had to end up calling the doctor today. I was out of pain meds, and was trying to wait until Monday. Didn't work though.
He said I am to come in tomorrow and have him check my heel, ankle and leg. It is much worse than it was even two weeks ago, but I haven't been able to stay off of it like I should have done.
He has made insoles for my shoes.
My problem came out of a car accident. I also have a heel spur which doesn't help things.
I just found out after seeing a lawyer last week, that all the money I had to pay out of my pocket is covered under my car insurance. Now I have to send them all of my copies of checks and bills for them to pay.
They will pay for the insoles of $150. I have paid $50 and was to pay the rest this coming Wednesday.
I am very upset that no one from the insurance company told me that I didn't have to pay out of my pocket. I had thought I had to wait to submit my bils at end of time for settlement. It isn't so. You can collect from your own insurance company under "underinsured" motorist, and they then fight the other insurance company for their money back.
Guess it was a good thing I finally looked into a lawyer.

CJ Mitchell In Indy 17:54:09

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