Re: OssaTron "double blind"

Posted by Robin on 12/27/98
Amen, girl. You said it perfectly. I think each of us in our hearts thinks, "Nobody wants a cure, a quick fix for this horrid condition, more than I do." But nobody's PF developed overnight, and chances are, it won't get fixed that way.

I read this board carefully, watching what seems to work best for the majority. Birks seem very popular, as does stretching, icing, glucosamine sulfate, and acupuncture also seems fairly successful. But I have learned time and again here that everyone is different, and different combinations of therapies work for different people. I'm thinking that in the future I may try acupuncture which I know has worked for Debbie and Alex among others. But I don't agree with some who post, "if it doesn't cure, it can't do any harm." Indeed it can -- any therapy done poorly by an inexperienced practitioner can indeed do harm. For me personally, one of my guidelines is: the more invasive the treatment, the more cautiously and thoroughly I investigate the practitioner's credentials. 20:04:03

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