Posted by Dayna on 12/28/98
Bike-riding? I had heard that was a good exercise for those of us who want to lose the excess weight that might be contributing to our PF and/or is a side-effect of our PF making us unable to walk, run, jump rope, etc.

My experience with bike-riding is that it was just as bad as walking. I would ride not at a high rate, just to be breathing a little heavy but not panting and can still converse normally, with good supportive shoes and my orthotics and extra arch support bands and boy could I tell when I got off the bike, it hurt like the dickens for the next two days. I ride either with flat foot pedal centered on the arch or with pedal centered under ball of foot and still try to keep flat foot. This is either with or without gently stretching the calf only (which I know is tight, never was limber there, couldn't touch my toes if you paid me, never could). No combination of these four made any difference, biking is still causing pain and I'm not sure if it's causing damage.

Anyone with other experience, please tell me how you prepare, how you bike and what you do, if anything, after the ride to reduce/prevent pain. 10:22:03

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