Re: Cortisone shots: how long does relief last?

Posted by Dayna on 12/28/98
Cortisone shot! {person frantically making the sign of the cross as to ward off evil}

NEVER! I had one shot, it felt like the needle went straight through the bone, it took two people to hold me down and you could hear me scream all the way out to the lobby. I'm not a wimpy person, it HURT WORSE THAN THE PF. Later that evening it began to burn, I couldn't even twitch my toe without pain so bad I nearly passed out, the entire tendon was on fire. I ended up borrowing someone elses crutches for two days until the pain subsided, but then the pain was totally gone, no more PF. I kept being a good girl and wearing supportive shoes and taping and inserts and just over a week later I stepped and 'twinge', I could feel the damn thing rip again, I was right back where I started.

I'll never have another shot, for some people they work and are not be so painful to have but my experience is to say no to needles and surgery. 15:56:26

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