Re: Stationary Bike?

Posted by Barbara on 12/29/98
Dear Bobbie: Losing weight and exercising has not helped my pf. It has, however, helped my disposition and ability to cope with pain--at least I am having some success in my life! The orthopedist I have been seeing says that even though weight gain can be a cause of pf, losing weight may not make as much difference as one would think. I still have about 40 more pounds to lose before I get back to my "normal" weight. This doctor also had pf for about 3 years before he cured himself by strengthening his feet through a series of exercises. I did these a couple of weeks and have since not been doing them regularly. He says it may take up to six months of doing them but that it will be a cure. I plan to start doing them regularly again but so far have not made the commitment. The New Year is coming though... Best, Barbara 12:48:43

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