Re: Acupuncture Update

Posted by Barbara on 12/29/98
Dear Gina: Sounds like your guy uses the Chinese method of acupuncture which can cause a bit of pain. The Japanese method of acupuncture is pretty much painless and produces the same results. There is a difference in the method of insertion of the needles--with the Japanese method the acupuncturist uses a small tube to somehow insert the needles without pain. Some people prefer the Chinese method because they believe in the "no pain--no gain" maxim. I have experienced both and actually would do either one. This is just an FYI for those who cannot tolerate needles. I had a dozen or so treatments myself for pf and it unfortunately did not work for me, but have had experience with acupuncture for other things and find it quite helpful. I am so happy to hear it is working for you. Best, Barbara 15:26:18

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