Re: More Arch pain then heel pain

Posted by Diane F. on 12/30/98
I think it is the start of pf at least. When I was younger and later I felt many times like someone was sawing my arch in half. I had this constant but did not know what is was and doctors could never tell me what was wrong ( what new about that!)I know I have pf now, so it could be a warning or just mean you can get it easier? I wish I knew what I know now and maybe could have avoided this crappy illness.
The pain first thing in the morning sounds is one of the sign of pf so I would be real careful with your feet and don't take no or saying it is nothing from the doctor. You have a real problem and not your imagination, which if you can do something about, can help you not to damage you feet futher. There is a lots of good information on this board and you can try and see what helps you and not,everyone is different and so will the treatment. The birks have been a godsend to me and their blue inserts too and all the advice from fellow feet people. Good Luck :) 13:11:50

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