Re: More Arch pain then heel pain

Posted by Robin on 12/30/98
Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Morning pain seems to be one of the universal symptoms. I used to have a high arch. As my age increases, my arch descends. My foot is real flexible, I used to be a heavy duty walker, and so of course pronation was a problem. Podiatrist said I have probably been over stretching that plantar fascia for years now. (I guess walking barefoot on the beach didn't help either.) Anyway, I too have noticable arch pain when my arch is not being supported well. Birkenstock shoes are good in that regard -- good arch support, low footbed. (Now if I can just eliminate the rest of the pain....)

Judy, suggest you read Scott's main PF document, plus the posts on this board that seem pertinent. A lot of people on this board have been either neglected or abused by the medical profession. Their experiences have helped to guide me in considering different medical (or non-medical) interventions and what approaches I want to take for myself. One thing I'd like to suggest though -- you might want to rethink that routine of sliding your feet out of tied shoes without untying them. I think you might increase any damage that has already been done. 14:03:35

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