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Posted by alex on 12/30/98
I have just finished a second series of acu treatments in Atlanta. The Dr is Korean - and his method is completely different to the Chinese guy I have been seeing in Hong Kong.

Apparently all acu Drs have their own technicques. The Dr. here says that a good rule of thumb is to allow an acu Dr. a series of six treatments. If there is no significant improvement, then try someone else. I have found that the acu needles only hurt when placed directly into painful spots on the heel. All other points on my feet, legs and hands very little pain.

I have noticed significant improvement - especially following treatment by the Korean in Atlanta. I'm generally so much better than I was before I began this acu stuff six weeks ago that I am going to persevere for another session of six treatments in HK - but am seriously considering changing to a Korean there rather than the Chinese guy. I fly back this weekend.

Incidentally, travelling 24 hours straight with PF is a challenge - fortunately I get a business class ticket from my employer - then choose exit row, and put my foot up on my carry-on. I happen to be 6ft 5ins - so that is even more important!!

Happy New Year to all PFers - regulars and newcomers to this site - and especially to Scott, our host. 16:37:59

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