Re: Easy Spirit Shoes

Posted by Dayna on 12/31/98
I wear the Easyspirit flat lace-up, can't find a style name/number but they came out a year or so ago. They have 5 hole laceup and came in a nice brown as well as black, the advantages are that they don't look too terribly clunky and they keep my orthotics reasonably in place (I do wish they could make orthotics that don't float around all over the place in most shoes). The bad part is that they have a glued sole rather than stitched, so they need regluing frequently and/or replacing every year or so (I have two pair that get alternated at least 6 days out of every week). I can't speak for the heels, slipons, etc. as I cannot wear them without intense pain, and if I want to hurt, I have other pumps I can wear. 13:40:35

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