Re: Stationary Bike?

Posted by Mary D on 12/31/98
Hi new kid in town here. I have been suffering with PF for over 6 years! I had a 7 day a week workout schedule. I taught land and water aerobis for over 10 years. After my pregancy with twins I switched to water aerobics. I found wearing shoes in the water to be very helpful. And remember to wear shower shoes to and from the pool.
Recently I had to leave the water aerobics due to an adverse reaction to the water, so sad. I just purchased a stationary bike. I used to ride my 'real' bike daily (18 miles) but my foot pain is too much to take, especially at night.
I purchased a wind bike. It gives me upperbody resistance while I use my foot to bike. I like the wind machine becaues if I am in too much pain to use my feet, I still have an upper body workout. I can even have the upper body 'run' my foot movement without adding pressure or rest my feet on the side and use arems only.
I too have weight loss goal, due to inactivatiy and foot pain. There are days the pain is so bad it brings tears to my eyes.
It is my goal in '99 to feel fine - AGAIN! 16:46:28

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