Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Posted by Mary D on 12/31/98
Hi, I am so glad to know this is not all in my head! I have been suffering for over 6 years. Both feet! The pain is like a vice clamp on my feet. I try to work through the pain, but as you all know it is not always and option. I am going to see a pod in two weeks. I do not have much confidence in this. It is the same one I saw 6 years ago and had my feet taped and had to wear boots to bed. Really romantic! I have to go to the same doc due to insurance. I will let you know if he learned anything new in 6 years!
I am glad I read this site before the appointment. Now I am more up on the latest stuff and refuse to lose this battle at least in the docs office.
One good thing that came of the PF diagnose. Now my husband realizes this is real. He was such a stickler about 'no shoes in the house.' He now is helping me find the perfect shoe for indoors and outdoors use. My kids are also working with me. When they see mom struggle to get to the kitchen, they are more patient and usually sugggest I sit and they get what they asked for(they ar 6 yr old twins). Today my son suggested I take a break and soak my feet.
If all that ever comes of this is a better understanding of why, and we start treating ouselves and others with more compassion, it is worth the tears. So what if I can't do the marathon aerobic classes and the cross country bike rides anymore. Now I am learning to do other things. I take shorter walks around the block and I work from home alot more. I try to save my good days for things I miss (the list is long). I am still in great pain-some days are better than others, it helps to know this is not all in my head. If I were the only person with this...then I would really crash with sorrow.
I will continue to streach and use my wind bike and soon I know I will be 'back on my feet.'
As I said before...I resolve that in '99 I WILL FEEL FINE! I'll let you know how it goes.
So when 'they' say "put your best foot forward", I will offer instead great thoughts and other body parts thank you!
Thake care.
Mary D
ppp003.va.ptinet.net 17:14:38

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