Re: Has anybody had a nerve conduction test where you stand up?

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Posted by Peggy on April 17, 1998 at 18:13:56:
Hi Cindy!

Finally, I found someone in this world wide web that has been diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, which ironically, goes hand in hand with this terrible Plantar Fasciitis!

To answer your question, I haven't had the NCS test standing up, but did laying down. Please note: Your NCS test may be negative, but I am told now by (7) specialists that it doesn't rule out the TTS.

I have this in my RIGHT foot and have been through all of the conservative treatments now for the past 13 months and just recently had prescription made orthotics in SAS shoes. They are WELL cushioned to relieve pressure both from the nerve entrapment as well as support the plantar fascia. They are NOT Stylish, but they do help relieve pain while you are walking. Have your specialist write the prescription if you are interested. I will say if your PF is chronic, you may be wasting money on other orthotics such as soft silicone inserts by Wondersorb, hard inserts by Spenco).

Because my problem has been chronic so long and there hasn't been any successful treatment for me, my foot and ankle specialist is now saying I need to have the surgery- a double whamy; a partial plantar fasciotomy and tarsel tunnel release! I am very scared to have this done for fear of being in WORSE shape afterwards. After reading some of the articles, I am more scared than ever. The "nerve" pain from TTS is compounded with the PF, so what is one to do?

I am really glad I found this website today because it's a very wonderful way to communicate with people who share your same problems and can relate where some doctors cannot.

Please post your results from both "sides" of the NCS tests. You may email me if you like to

Hope this info is helpful to anyone needing insert info. p.s.... they are quite expensive, but your insurance may help offset the cost. The biggest expense is the cost of molding, casting. SAS shoes (ladies $89.00+tax) have the high (deep) cushion so that the custom made insert will fit to YOUR foot specifications. My cost was $385.00

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