Re: Myofascial-Connective Tissue Diseases:RH-Lupus

Posted by Sue B. on 1/03/99
Thanks for the info.

What you say makes sense--I have had "PF" for a year now, but I also developed carpel tunnel like syndrome in my hand and wrist just from opening a can (it's better now with rest and ice) Then I developed TMJ (which is also better now since I've been wearing a night guard on my teeth)

I was wondering if all these conditions were related. Perhaps they are. I'm 58 and it seems like the body parts are wearing out. I hope it's not true--I'd rather just have plain PF than connective tissue that is always mildly inflammed.

I will have to suggest this to my doc. It seems that we have to be our own docs these days.

Sue B. 23:25:36

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