Re: No More Pain!!!

Posted by John on 1/05/99
Bob, I have had a very similiar experience. I am a runner and got PF last April by jumping from a tree that I was working in. For awhile, I tried to comtinue running and run thru the pain. Pretty dumb! I also like to hike. I had already planned a trip to Jackson Hole in August and decided to go anyhow. There is a 16 mile hike in the Tetons that I decided to take. I had taken this hike once before and decided that I would just suffer the pain because I loved it so much. My wife and I took our time and spent 12 hours on the hike. I had some moderate heel pain during the hike taking a full dose of Advil. I fully expected to get up the next morning and be crippled. Too my great supprise, my heel pain was gone! And it stayed gone for aproximately a week. I had no explanation for this. My boots were a pair of Merrills and I had a Dr. Scholl's soft 'Heel Pain' insert. The boots have no arch support themselves. But, the boots are very ridgid in the arch area. They only bend under the front pad of the foot. My Pf is almost gone. I still take hikes with an arch support. I still get an occassional pain in the bottom of my heel but I seem to be able to hike as much as I like.
I'm also getting close to trying to run again. Best of luck. 12:45:10

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