I just got home from the hospital, whew!!! (Ossatron)

Posted by Becky on 1/05/99
WEll, now I see how Rodz and the others barely made it through in Canada. Talk about some major SHOCK WAVES!!!!! I got about 13 injections. Dr would take a needle full of pain md and inject some in one point, some in another and the rest of the med in the needle in another area. I had started and had them to stop it hurt (like someone pounding my foot with a hammer or something) They gave me more injections. Anyway, I am tired and am glad it is over. If it is not completely better in three months I am going to have it re-treated. I think this is the answer for me!! Praise God. Thanks for all you e-mails to my Juno address and Deb, sorry to say I hope I never have to do the $$$ accupuncture treatment. I am hoping and praying this Ossatron will give me my life back. I was so excited I didn't even sleep last night. Anyway, blessings to you all and my only advice is to stay away from Cortizone, ice alot and if you have had PF for several years and have tried everything get hooked up with the Ossatron. It is quite painful but I think worth it. If you wanna chat try me at Bluvs2trvl@aol.com

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