Re: Surgery?????? Dig Deep & this site answers all your ???

Posted by dd on 1/05/99
Before considering any surgery, I urge you to please read every entry at this site...going WAY back to the beginning, including the "surgery" posts. There are some really scary descriptions of botched surgeries, long & painful recoveries, and people in pain for years after surgery, scar tissue, nerve entrapments following surgery, stories about doctor's who (after they get the $$ for surgery) end up tell the PF sufferer that they have done all they can and they just will have to learn to live with the chronic pain, etc. etc.... Then you should be able to judge for yourself what the "odds" are on this gamble you will be taking with the surgery and if it's worth the risks involved... Or if you want to try every alternative first like birks etc.?

Statistics are just numbers -- you may like the ones Scott states on the previous page, something like 70-90% of success with surgery. Does this big percentage spread depend on who's interpreting the results or conducting the study? Surgeons would always like to feel they made an improvement - but the actual stories of post-surgery patients on this site don't seem to fare so well??

I have evaluated all of the entries on this site since the beginning and as for surgery - for me - well, no thank you. But, only you can weigh the all known risks/results of a possibly poor outcome and decide if it's for you -- as long as you do it with your eyes wide open... as you will be the one to live with the consequences if you turn out to be one of the statistics on the unsuccessful side of the ledger. Here's hoping you're not and best of luck! 21:03:15

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