Posted by debbie on 1/06/99
I had acupuncture every other day for seven treatments. Then rested the pressure points a week then went back for another 7 treatments, then rested 3 weeks. the back for 7 more. I had needles in the sides of my foot, one in my heel, one in my shin, and one in my hand in the point between the thumb and forefinger. He also put suction magnets on my feet and afterward, did acupressure. Yes the needles hurt when they go in but only then. He would twist them every 10 or 15 minutes and the session lasted about an hour. YOu should look into trying it. It is safe and if it works for you a cure is found and you can get back to your life. acu has worked for several people on this board. Alex treatments were different than mine but are working for him too. Debbie 17:42:22

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