Re: Less pain from hard-soled shoes

Posted by John on 1/07/99
Jim, I do believe that he may be correct. I believe that one of the reasons Birkenstock shoes work for a lot of people is the stiffness. I believe that a stiff shoe, expecially stiff under the arch, keeps the Plantar from being pulled and streched when you walk. That stiffness alone may not be all that helps. I believe that the arch support is importent. Get you a good custom orthotic. Read my response to the 'Heel Pain' message below. The boots that I used to hike in are extremly stiff. I get a little pain with them on. I also wear a Rockport walking shoe for everyday shoes. They are very stiff and only bend just behind the toes. During the Christmas holidays, I switched to my New Balance running shoes for a week and had some pain come back. That may have been because I was on my feet more than when I am at work. I have gone back to my Rockports and my heel is better. Good luck. 09:44:42

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