Re: Cortisone Shot

Posted by Barbara on 1/08/99
Sirin--I know just how you feel--we all have been where you are. You might try icing your feet at night and warming them up is a warm bath in the morning or massage them with warm oil. Roll a golf ball under your feet. Treat them like your babies, staying off them as much as possible, never going barefoot and trying to find that pair of shoes that works for you. I have a high arch and when I wear shoes with a one inch lift in the heel my feet feel better. I have just started taking glucosomine sulfate and hear that it can take up to 3 months for it really to start having a noticeable effect. Stretch your calfs but don't overstretch. Hang in there and keep reading this site. There are lots of good ideas, not a cure yet, but ideas that can bring some level of comfort and remember some things work well and others don't. It really is a game of trail and error. Best to you, Barbara 10:19:11

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