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Posted by John G on 1/09/99
Elise, Sorry for my lack of tact. As it turned out I visited Dr. Galea at the Institute of Sports Medicine yesterday while he was doing cases. The good news is that they have looked at their anesthesia protocall and instituted major changes. The bottom line is that the pain produced during treatment is significantly reduced. As far as anyone getting worse after the treatment, I am personally not aware of that ever been reported. I asked Dr. Galea about his results over the last 8 weeks, and he is a happy man. Every one of the patients treated that he was able to follow up on has experienced significant improvment or total remission with the exception of one patient that was suspected of having a neurologic problem from the start. He was treating a lady from San Francisco yesterday that tolerated the treatment very well and he expects her to enjoy a total recovery. The web site is not connected yet so responses are not being recieved. You can get additional info at their booking office, Orthotripsy Canada at 1-888-274-6610. Good Luck. 06:09:08

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