Re: Flat feet vs high arches

Posted by Bobbie on 1/09/99
I have high arches was never a runner or exercised much other than walking occasionally. I am a secretary and when I first started having the heel pain was mostly sitting at my desk. My job duties have changed now and I am on my feet most of the day which has exacerbated my condition 100% I have tried every treatment I can think of and that is available to me. Some days seem to be better than others. I am on my 3rd bottle of GS and haven't noticed a difference. I just had my 4th acupuncture treatment and will go for 6, but if no improvement then will discontinue them. I am now taking TRMA a soft tissue support formula made by Thera-Zyme, recommended by my acupuncturist. We will see if it helps or not. I have a drawer full of orthodic devices that haven't helped much. I had to get rid of all my heels and have opted for the most comfortable, supporting shoes I can find. I can wear Birks but not on an all day basis. I don't know if anything works and I get the feeling the doctors don't know either. Anyway, good luck and stay with this board. Just venting your frustrations helps a lot. 14:26:52

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