Stairmill gives a great workout-easy on my heel.

Posted by Kristin on 1/10/99
Hi Sandy. I was 5'2" and 122 lbs when I first developed this from running so mine wasn't a weight issue. After I had to stop training for the Disney World marathon (which would have been today, sniff, sniff) I felt quite sorry for myself and have gained about 10 lbs. Yuck. B U T, I am now over my hissy fit and have been doing the stair mill. It's a machine that looks like a escalator that is very challenging cardio vascular wise, but extremely gentle on my heel. In fact, my lungs give out long before my heel does. I do the bike as well, but about after 15-20 minutes, my arch aches a little bit. I would suggest the stair mill if your gym has it. I stretch two times a day, do toe curls all day long, and also put an ice cube on the sore spot 2x a day. I've been given the OK to start walking (exercise wise) and will start that this week. I hope things improve for you. 14:26:26

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