Re: How high are the heels you wear?

Posted by Sandy in Ohio on 1/10/99
I apologize for not answering sooner...I had an out of town trip last
week and have been "catching" up since.
I wear 1" to 1-1/2 inch heels. I just bought boots last weekend at 9 West with 1-1/2 inch heels. They feel fantastic. It killed me to buy new boots as the previous pair I had I only wore 2 times but they are flats. Luckily, I gave those to my sister.

The heels definitely help. Heels take pressure off that heel spur. I do ok with walking shoes, but I notice the difference when I where heels to work. I'm not going to wear heels at home that's for sure!

Sue, how is the ballet class going? I'm working out still and am having very little problems with my heel. Of course, I'm only doing 10 minutes of stretches followed by my bike for about 15-20 minutes. 18:41:52

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