Re: Howdy!

Posted by Sandy in Ohio on 1/10/99
Welcome! I just started visiting this site a few weeks ago. I have really learned alot...more than what my podiatrist has told me (which hasn't been much). I have received 2 cortizone shots since November, and they did nothing for me. My Doctor advised one inche to one and a half inch heels. Those really help. Of course, you don't want to purchase "cheap" shoes either. I favor Easy Spirit shoes and Hush Puppies. In reading this board, there is talk about Birkenstock shoes. I have to investigate these. I don't even know where to find them. Hope to chat with you again. Good luck. By the way, I go back to the podiatrist tomorrow. I have no idea what is in store as my condition has not improved; only if I wear heels am I pain free. 19:04:53

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