Re: ankle pain and stiffness

Posted by alex on 1/11/99
When my PF has been really bad, I have experienced severe pain throughout the ankle and into the Achilles Tendon. Since I have been following courses of acupuncture I have not had any of the searing pain - but my foot and ankle are very stiff in the morning and after I have been sitting still for an hour or so. Goes away with stretching, but I am still always aware of the vulnerability of my foot.
I have been taking heavy duty vitamins for 6 weeks, and Glucosomine Sulfate for three weeks. The Vitamins have helped with my circulation problem, can't really say whether or not they have made a difference with the PF. Generally I am much better than I was - but at this moment hopes for a complete cure are fading....... 03:42:48

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