Re: Alternative non-weight bearing exercise suggestions?

Posted by Dayna on 1/11/99
I had this problem at 5'4" and 120 lbs, I had this problem at 142 lbs, I had this problem at 170 lbs, I have this problem at 1?? lbs, I don't think weight is the problem. For some people, excess weight may have brought it on so losing it might help, but if you had it when you were skinny weight didn't cause it. Older postings have some people get relief with weight loss, others not. Just like nearly every treatment suggested, it helps some and does nothing for others. I suggest you try bicycling and/or weight lifting. You can do leg presses which are similar to weight-bearing and will build muscle which takes more calories just to maintain. I find that weight lifting helps me keep from getting any fatter as long as I take reasonable care to eat well and only when I'm hungry. Good luck and keep us informed, we do care. 12:15:27

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