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Posted by Janine on 1/11/99
I was diagnosed with this about 8 years ago, except the doctor didn't call it that. He called it Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, and explained to me that there was a sinus-like cavity in my ankle, and my pronation caused the nerve to be cut off when I stood in one place for a long time.

When I tried to explain my limp to the rest of the folks at the salon where I worked, I received non-stop ribbing and endless jokes about rubbing Vicks vaporrub on my ankles.

It usually reached it's most painful point at the end of the day when I was driving home and the leg was at rest. By the time I got home, the pain was so bad that I literally had to hop or crawl into the house sometimes. (Needless to say that I did very little Saturday night dancing at the time)

I used an aircast for a few months, and started wearing orthotics. (Thankfully, my family was in the business, so I didn't have to worry about having no health benefits at the salon) The aircast made my ankles feel great, but somehow, my knee felt twisted when I took it off at night.

I went the route of cortizone shots and strapping quite a few times, but I only found true relief by changing occupations, and wearing orthotics full time. I do, however still have pain when I walk barefoot around the house on my wood floors. I try to at least wear some kind of foam insert in my slippers. (orthotics without socks don't feel so good.)

I am doing better with the orthotics and have fewer flare-ups than ever, but I still do get them, waiting on lines, or doing dishes, etc. I think that I will feel far better if I lost weight, too.

Good Luck to all of you.
I am here for any orthotic questions you may have -
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