Walking a bit

Posted by Jude on 1/11/99
I have been away for awhile and coming back here is like coming home to old friends. You are all so kind and caring, it's so comforting to be here.I live 3 blocks from work and it has made me absolutely crazy starting my big van and driving it that distance. With the Strassberg socks,glucosamine,cataplex c, exercise,and rigid soled hiking boots,(I live in ND) I have walked it 10 times in the last week! This is miniscule in comparison with what I used to walk in addition to it, but what a huge step .I was becoming terribly depressed being inside,gaining weight,there was no sunshine it seemed. At least now it seems there is a ray of hope at the end of this long and painful tunnel I have been mincing my way through for the last 9 months.It is not pain free, but it is a bearable pain and after PF sets in, just finding a way to carry on is a miracle. Thanks for listening always-you are the best.Jude
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