Re: Going to Doc Wednesday-RE: WindBike

Posted by Mary D on 1/12/99
The wind bike was purchaed at Sears (on sale). I purchased this type because it gives both an upper body workout and lower at the same time. If I choose, I can work the bike with my arms only and rest my feet either on the pedels or on the sides. This way if my feet are hurting, I still get a workout.
I plan to replace the pedels with wide foot pedels so my whole foot is on and not just the ball of my foot like regular bike riding.

I use to use a nordic trac, but my feet did not like it too much.

The main reason I picked the wind bike is that my whole family can use it. My children are 6 yrs old and they love to work-out. I needed equipment that would support their growing bones and spirit. It is a great support system.
Happy feet to you. Mary D 16:38:22

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