Re: A way with words

Posted by Dayna on 1/12/99
Dayna -- you have such a wonderful way with words. I love your posts (not just this one, many of the others besides). You are surely one talented woman when it comes to the language, and the sensitivity and understanding behind your words always come through clearly.

But I hate to see your talents -- and everyone's sentiments -- wasted on this little piece of trash called Yippee. No one with an IQ above 40 would post the mean and spiteful messages this snippet has posted, obviously for the purpose of aggitating and causing anger, frustration and pain -- like we don't have enough of that already. This Yippee person has the integrity of an amoeba. This is a spineless, cowardly and cruel piece of garbage. Many readers on this board more charitable than I will probably pity and pray for Yippee. As for myself -- dirt on my shoes, that's all.

The people on this board are just onderful. If the world at large had one-quarter of the understanding and compassion that people here do -- what a world it would be. 19:35:15

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